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Everyone loves a good game, whether it is a sport, a tabletop board game, video games, or just something to keep up with your colleagues socially. It’s a great way to keep up friendly competition, to wind down after a tense week from work, to settle arguments amicably, or just to have some good old-fashioned fun. Here at Alexan Las Colinas, nestled in between Irving, Grapevine, and Dallas, we give you all that you need to play games right at the comfort in your own home, either with your friends or by yourself; either case, you’re in for a great time.

To begin with, the spacious courtyard gives you so many options for you and your loved ones: you can play toss or backyard games on nice, sunny days – and there’s a lot of those in Texas, you can host a barbeque party with outdoor kitchens complete with grills and dining spaces, or you can sit together by the courtyard fireplace, stay warm, and perhaps even roast some marshmallows for s’mores. The clubhouse kitchen is fully stocked for indoor entertainment and even comes with a wine lounge, so you can taste great wines in a social environment. The resort style pool and spa offers opportunities for pool sports and games, such as water polo and volleyball, Marco Polo, or simple racing by doing laps against your companions; otherwise you can stay shaded under the cabana, or catch some sun rays in the tanning room or by the poolside. If you want to practice your shots in golf, a virtual golf simulator waits for you on the clubroom of the fourth floor; those who want a unique playing experience can try a nice round of bocce ball or throw discs in the washer pits and see who can get the most points.

Even when not directly playing a game, you can still have fun. Keep up your fit physique with a state of the art cross training fitness center, check out the bike shop and take a ride around the neighborhood, stay connected with free Wi-Fi in the club lounge, and take care of your furry friend in the dog park, where you can groom and run with your pets to both of your delight.

Who says games are only for kids? Go ahead and have some fun. Visit Alexan Las Colinas apartments through the leasing office or online, and find the perfect flat for your needs today.


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