Escape from the Mundane


Puzzles of nearly any kind are proven to be beneficial: they help sharpen your observation skills and critical thinking, which helps you in the long run as you’re much less likely to develop mental disorders such as dementia in your old age. It’s even better when you have a group of friends to help you solve a particularly hard problem since many minds are likely to come up with solutions faster. Alexan Las Colinas is an apartment that encourages free thinking, and our neighborhood includes an experience that tests your mind to the limit in order to succeed.

The Texas Panic Room is a group escape room experience with venues scattered all throughout the large state, and the Dallas Panic Room stands only six miles away from our complex – approximately sixteen minutes of driving. Featuring large sets with various riddles and clues scattered throughout, groups of four to ten people are urged to work together to essentially escape the room within an hour. With three different room scenarios to choose from – ranging from a doctor’s lab to an abandoned classroom – it’s nearly impossible to get the same experience twice, and even if you fail a challenge you’re more than welcome to try it again until you get it right. Tickets are available for purchase on their website, and they’re available by the hour in case you wanted to try more than one room in a day; it’s recommended you reserve your spots in advance and that you have enough friends to go through the challenge (four people) in case other groups happen to cancel. Tickets are typically $25 per person, though special pricing is available for large groups or private events such as birthday parties.

So put on your thinking caps, work together with your best buds, and strive for success and fun. Visit Alexan Las Colinas to explore our luxury apartments and community, and then make a reservation at the Dallas Panic Rooms to test your skills.

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