Kitchens to Dine For

Food is one of the few necessities we can really expand on: there are new recipes and flavors being discovered every day, more innovation is put into production so that more people have access to meals, and with so much cultural and regional variety throughout the world it’s hard to have the same meal twice…and why would you want to? Alexan Las Colinas knows that a good kitchen is the heart of a great home, for good food unites everyone in the family even for a moment.

Gourmet kitchens worth cooking in

All our luxury apartments include a contemporary kitchen, perfect for creating any meal of the day. The floor, made of beautiful wood-style plank flooring, will withstand any slip or drop and is easy to clean and maintain regardless of your skill level. Cut up some veggies or...

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One Bed, One Home

Nothing solves a bad day quite like the feeling of home: a warm refuge to ease away daily stress and achy nerves. Here at Alexan Las Colinas, all our luxury apartments ensure the best home for your needs, whether you prefer to take things easy during your spare time or you like to constantly propel yourself to a better life, so that way you can enjoy the good days surrounded by comfort and...

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Escape from the Mundane

Puzzles of nearly any kind are proven to be beneficial: they help sharpen your observation skills and critical thinking, which helps you in the long run as you’re much less likely to develop mental disorders such as dementia in your old age. It’s even better when you have a group of friends to help you solve a particularly hard problem since many minds are likely to come up with solutions...

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Staying Fit and Healthy at Home

Enjoying the convenience of working out without having to travel a long way is easy when you live at the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas. Your favorite gym notwithstanding, sometimes it’s nice to just grab a quick workout when you don’t have time to catch up with your workout buddies. At the Alexan Las Colinas, a fitness center is just one of the incredible...

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Hi-Tech Style and Comfort

Nowadays it seems that we produce technology faster than we can ever get used to; as soon as you get a new smartphone, the next model releases to the public, for example. Despite our flaws, we’re constantly pushing ourselves into the future with fantastic inventions such as Google auto-driving, immersive virtual reality headsets, laptops and touchscreen computers that hold more power with...

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