Las Colinas Apartments Where Errands are Easy

Errands are a daily part of adulthood, whether you’re crunching down big projects at the office and getting rid of assignments before their inevitable due day, or you’re cleaning up your home in order to freshen up the atmosphere or to prepare for oncoming guests. Whatever reason or need you have to do errands, our beautiful luxury apartments at Alexan Las Colinas allow you some lenience, giving you homes that are easy to maintain, no matter what time of the year. Enjoy the fabulous apartment features at Alexan Las Colinas.

First, our contemporary styled homes feature stunning wood plank flooring: it’s strong enough to withstand anything from everyday traffic and frantic pacing to accidents such as trips, slips, and falls; it’s easy to clean – simply grab a dust...

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One Bedroom Las Colinas Apartments for Solo Getaways

Sometimes a little quiet time to yourself is all it takes to grind the frustrations of daily life away, whether you need an escape from hectic traffic, the never-ending workload at the office, or a mini-vacation...

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Fresh Sushi Rolls Around the Corner of Home

There are many reasons to love well-prepared sushi: it’s a unique blend of raw or cooked fish, rice, and spice that deserves to be tried at least once, it’s a healthy alternative to many other meal choices, and...

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Rest Your Body and Mind in Our Las Colinas Community

It’s just as beneficial to take care of your mind as well as you take care of your body, to not let stress build up and cloud your train of thought, to give yourself a day to simply relax when you need it, and to...

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Tasty Treats to Try in Our Apartments in Las Colinas

Everyone deserves the chance to learn how to cook; it’s a skill that doubles as both an essential tool and a hobby, allowing you to sustain yourself with home cooking that is ultimately healthier, cheaper, and more...

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