alexan las colinas 1bed/1 bath luxury apartment home

The A1 – 1 bed/1 bath luxury apartment home in Las Colinas

Are you currently enjoying living in the luxury apartment home you richly deserve? If not, make your move to the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas. Here you will find a comfortable suite of luxury apartment features in every home. Just outside your front door, you will find plenty of luxury community amenities perfect for long weekends. You can choose from a number of spacious layouts and floorplans designed to give you the sense of home you have always wanted. When venturing out, you and your friends will love the dining, entertainment, and shopping choices in your new neighborhood just waiting to be discovered. The home you want is right here.

When you are ready to live the life you want, then make your move into The A1 – 1 bed/1 bath luxury...

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The Mustangs of Las Colinas

Finding the right place to live the lifestyle of your dreams can be tricky. Tricky, unless you start in the right place. Come home to the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas. Here you can indulge in the lifestyle of your dreams. Enjoy countless luxury apartment features dedicated to your comfort. Treat your friends to community amenities that are perfect for a long...

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Las Colinas Apartment Community

Peaceful Paradise in Our Las Colinas Apartment Community

Sometimes all it takes to turn a bad day into a good one is a few minutes to relax, whether you’re looking for a short coffee break in between the daily crunch at the office to revitalize your mind or you’d just...

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Las Colinas Apartments

Las Colinas Apartments of Pure Relaxation

A new home can be fashionable, close to your current office or favorite shopping and dining venues, and have all the space you need to fit your guests, but it’s nothing without the ability to make you feel...

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Balanced Two-Bedroom Apartments in Las Colinas

There are a lot of factors to consider when taking on a roommate for your new home, such as which rooms you plan to occupy, how the errands and finances will be split, and so on, but our two-bedroom luxury apartments...

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