Luxury Las Colinas Apartments

Finding the perfect luxury apartment home means striking the right balance between personal comfort at home and feeling at home in your new community. This is exactly what you will find well executed at the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas. Feast your eyes on luxury apartment features and treat your friends to community amenities that are perfect for sharing over a long weekend. Choose the right amount of space from premiere floor plans and layouts designed for your enjoyment. You will always find something fun spending a night on the town – your favorite new restaurant is just steps from your door.

In your busy schedule, it would be easy to lose track of doing the things you need to take care of yourself and maintain your conditioning. But at the...

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Lavish Relaxation at our Las Colinas Apartments

It’s a great benefit to both your physical and mental health to take a break every so often, to slow down and admire the progress you’ve made in your life or to recover after a stressful period – whether...

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Serenity in Our Las Colinas Two-Bedroom Apartments

Sometimes it’s wonderful to surround yourself with your loved ones, to gather up all your friends for a big hangout or your family for a holiday reunion at your home. Other times it’s great just to spend your...

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A Sampling of the World in One Dallas Museum

Earth is such a unique planet. As far as we know, it’s one of the only planets in our entire galaxy teeming with life, full of thousands of years of human culture, civilizations that have come and gone, and their...

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A Las Colinas Apartment Community for Recreation

Everyone deserves to add a little fun to their daily routine, whether you’re a kid still exploring the realm and all its wonders around you, or you’re an adult that needs an occasional escape from the...

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