Sun’s out – Time to get poolside

With the passage of Memorial Day signaling the unofficial beginning of summer, it’s time to make plans to get outside. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends than by the pool. When you live at the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas, you will find plenty to enjoy outdoors even as the temperature rises. Invite your friends over for a weekend of enjoying luxury apartment and community amenities that are second to none. When you live at the Alexan Las Colinas, you will come to love what it means to live where everything is designed with your personal enjoyment in mind.

Poolside summer dreaming

What better way to spend the warm days this summer than poolside? Invite your friends to hang out by the pool. Take a dip and wash away the...

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Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your apartment home

Enjoying the outdoors is something not limited to living a luxury lifestyle, but when you do you get to see the outdoors from an entirely different perspective. At the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las...

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City Style for a Town Home

Here at Alexan Las Colinas, we have many great luxury apartments to choose from, there’s no denying that, but sometimes it never hurts to ask for a little bit more. Whether you need the extra space for a guest or a roommate, you have a family to care for, or if you just want a big home to breathe easy and concentrate, our large townhouses make it easy to fit in everything you need and also...

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A Great Apartment at “Steak”

Texas is known nationally for its rolling plains, its mixture of both classic tradition and urban modernism, its cowboys and its Cowboys, and of course all the cattle we’ve raised over the years. Naturally, this also means that the state offers plenty of steaks, ribs, and other savory beef entrees, and Alexan Las Colinas doesn’t lack in amazing steakhouses around its...

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Relaxing Under the Warm Summer Sun

Stepping outside every now and then is great for your health: your body benefits from fresh air, the sun’s rays give you vitamin D which is great for overall health, and of course staying active – whether through light walks or hardcore jogging – improves your life and your happiness. Here at Alexan Las Colinas, we want to make sure everyone in our lovely apartments gets the chance...

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