Home can be Your Favorite Place to be

Home should never be the place you are simply because you have no other plans. At the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas, you will the perfect mixture of fun and comfort to make home a place you really want to be. Choose your perfect space from any number of spacious and functional layouts and floor plans – and be ready to live to your heart’s content. Enjoy luxury apartment and community features that give you plenty to love and offer plenty to share with friends and family. You need to look no further to find the comfortable lifestyle you have been looking for and surely deserve.

Home is Where the Heart is, and all the Luxury too

Part of enjoying your home is getting to enjoy the same amount of luxury in your community. Invite your...

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A Lovely Home at Alexan Las Colinas

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping home right after a long day at work. The dreary and sometimes flat office bleeds away from your mind, replaced by the softness of your favorite couch, the colors and décor you surround yourself with every day, and the overall sense of welcoming that no other place could really bring. Here at Alexan Las Colinas, we invite you to bring the...

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The B4: A Double Venue of Relaxation

Almost everything is better in pairs: a double dipped cone serves for a tastier summer treat, those special buy one get one sales always come in handy, and – in our case – having two rooms in your apartment opens your living space and your possibilities. Here at Alexan Las Colinas, we offer two-bedroom luxury apartments, like the B4, to fit any personal preference and style, with amenities...

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Modern Shopping, Old School Style

People seem to be of two minds when it comes to modernization: some support it and love the positive changes made to their community, while others would rather keep to the way things are due to efficiency or traditions. It’s important to have a right balance of progress and endurance in your life to really feel at peace, and our neighborhood here at Alexan Las Colinas happens to offer just...

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Run, Play, Jump, Stay

Life’s not meant to be a spectator’s sport: it’s meant to be experienced with all the senses in your body – ranging from the utter hardships, stress and pain, to complete joy, excitement and peace. Whatever goals you have, Alexan Las Colinas near Dallas has you covered, with an expansive community, with community amenities, guaranteed to help keep you on your toes and to make the most...

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