Benihana Grill in Las Colinas Area

Discover a world of luxury and personal comfort when you finally choose the lifestyle you deserve. At the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas, you will find all this and so much more. Enjoy countless apartment and community amenities designed for your comfort but also perfect for sharing with friends. Feast your eyes on layouts and floor plans perfect for the life you have always wanted to live. Your new neighborhood extends the luxury you enjoy with endless entertainments all waiting for you.

Delicious dishes

Finding the right blend of fine dining and entertainment can be a tall order for some locations. But not when you live at the Alexan Las Colinas. Just a few minutes from your door you will find the famed Benihana restaurant. Here you can see find food and entertainment like nowhere else. In their own words “Teppanyaki means, quite literally, broiled on a steel grill, which is the definition of teppanyaki-style cooking in its most simple form. However exactly when teppanyaki-style first came into use is a bit more complicated. Some believe the tradition began over 200 years ago when families would prepare food together on small grills. Others believe it began in the early 1900’s with chefs introducing the style, along with their intricate knife skills, to diners. Regardless of which story is true, teppanyaki has evolved greatly over the last hundred years, moving from food that was simply “broiled on a steel grill” to something of an art form. An art form Benihana first introduced to America in 1964. Today, teppanyaki chefs are performers as well as skilled cooks, delighting diners daily with mouthwatering flavors and jaw-dropping knife skills.”

Find the right blend of luxury and personal comfort when you live in the Alexan Las Colinas luxury apartment homes in Las Colinas Texas.

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