An Escape from Monotony Close to Las Colinas

Whether you enjoy solving the daily crossword or sudoku grid on the daily newspaper or online news site, putting together a jigsaw puzzle through hundreds of interlocking pieces, arranging the Rubik’s cube on your office desk during your mental breaks, or simply revel in mental challenges such as riddles, there’s always a puzzle to test your mind and let you think outside the box. However, one particular puzzle experience near our homes at Alexan Las Colinas is far more immersive and exhilarating, and best of all it’s best experienced with friends.

The Texas Panic Room in Dallas is one of the many escape room venues popping up around the country, ranked highly in TripAdvisor for its incredible room design and capacity for fun. It’s located no more than six miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning you can drive straight there in approximately fifteen minutes. Escape rooms are an ever-growing trend in which you and a group of friends, typically between four to ten people, are put in a room full of thematic puzzles, locks and riddles, and it’s your goal to work together to solve all the clues and escape within one hour. Even if you don’t succeed, it’s a guaranteed blast for you and your teammates. Sign up for a room with your buddies over the weekend, celebrate a birthday or special event in high spirits, or even arrange a team-building activity for your co-workers. Time slots for the three current room scenarios are available to reserve online on their website, and it’s best that you arrive at least fifteen minutes early for orientation and rules.

Challenge your mind and engage in a fun game with your friends at Alexan Las Colinas. Tour our lovely luxury apartments near Dallas today, and then reserve your room at the Texas Panic Room in Dallas for your next adventure.


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